Before You Buy A Goldstream RV

BeforeYou Buy

There are a few tips to keep in mind when buying a recreational vehicle. We’ve seen thousands of people buy campers, caravans, and pop tops over the years, and we’ve summarised what we’ve learned to save you some money and time when choosing your perfect RV.


Set a budget, but be flexible. Your initial thoughts may change as you explore all the possibilities. It’s always better to pay that little bit extra to get what you want, rather than compromise on quality or features that you’ll be using for years to come.

For example, you might start out looking for a good late model used caravan, and find you can get a new caravan for not all that much more – one that’s more suitable to your needs and which will have a full warranty.

Selecting the ideal product:

  • Check the towing specifications of your vehicle in your owner’s manual. If it’s not able to tow the caravan you’re considering buying then look at a different size or model caravan. You might even consider updating your tow vehicle to suit the caravan you want. If your tow vehicle information is not available, then contact your local Goldstream RV Sales Centre; in most cases they’ll be able to provide you with the information you need.
  • Should I get a camper, pop top, or caravan? Each type of RV has different features that will be more suited to different lifestyle needs. Call in to a dealership that has all 3 types and ask for advice, or browse the various features here on our website.
  • Is Storage in a garage or carport an issue? Check your storage height and look for a product that suits. A standard Camper towing height is only 1770 mm. Our Mini pop top is only 2070 mm high (in fact one of the lowest profile pop tops available).
  • Will you be free camping? If you are, then a 12v battery system is a necessity and is ideal if you decide to use solar power.
  • Stoves are available with one electric element in addition to the three gas burners. This can be handy when staying in holiday parks on powered sites so you don’t have to use up your gas.
  • Check out the features and how they benefit you, do the comparisons and understand that cost is often not the most important factor when you weigh up how much time you’ll be spending in the RV.
  • Ensure the caravan you are buying conforms to Australia’s Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program – RVMAP code of standards and practices. If it does, it will have a "RVMA" accredited badge affixed to it.
  • Towing aids. Ask your local Goldstream RV sales centre for advice on the correct towing aids to fit to your vehicle. They’ll generally have these in stock and will be able to set them up correctly for you.
  • Buy a recognised and respected brand, one that will stand the test of time and one that is styled for the current era. This is most important, as this will have an effect on your future resale or trade-in value.

Choosing a Caravan

Looking to buy a new camper, caravan or pop-top? Make sure you ask yourself these questions before you buy:

How do I choose the right caravan?
Make a list of your requirements; for example: How many people do you need to sleep? Do you need a family or couples van? Do you need a full caravan, pop top, or camper? (Pop tops are Ideal for low roof storage, such as car ports and low entry garages.) What features would you like or need? For example, full oven, TV antenna pack, leather upholstery, air-conditioning, and off road pack for gravel/dirt roads. Separate these items into “must have” and “nice to have” lists to make your buying decision easier.

I have made my list of what I like, what do I do next?
Contact your authorised Goldstream RV dealer with your list and the dealer will help you find a van that best suits your requirements within your budget. You’ll also need to check your vehicle towing capabilities (there’s no point in buying a van that your vehicle is not capable of towing safely, otherwise you may need an additional budget for a vehicle upgrade). Your Authorised Goldstream RV Dealer can assist you in determining if your vehicle will be capable of towing your new caravan. (You can also refer to your vehicle manual and manufacturer for further information).

Is the product made by a reputable company? Can they be trusted?
Goldstream RV is a wholly Australian family-owned company and we’ve been helping Australians follow their dreams for more than 20 years. You can count on us to be here for you if you need advice, support, or technical assistance at any time before or after making your purchase.

What about the quality of the product? How can I be assured that I’ll get value for money?
Goldstream RV have years of expertise in building and refining their well trusted product line. Our products are well regarded in the industry for their high quality and strength.

Will the product be safe? Will it meet all the Australian Standards?
Goldstream RV are registered members of RVMA and CIA, ensuring all of our products comply and exceed industry standards.

What happens if I need assistance while travelling?
When you purchase a Goldstream RV you’re backed by an Australia-wide dealer and repairer network, so no matter where you are in Australia, there’s always someone nearby to assist you.

What if need to sell my van?
Goldstream RV products are highly regarded and are known for their high resale value, so you’re sure to get a good return if you decide to sell your RV at a later date.

Do you custom build?
Goldstream RV products have a versatile list of layouts for each one of our models and include a large list of additional options, which should suit just about everybody’s needs and requirements. Our vans are fully tried and tested, ensuring your van complies with all regulations and are well balanced and engineered to the highest standard. Sit down with a Goldstream RV dealer near you to discuss your customisation options.

How do I get more information, see the vans and get prices?
Contact your nearest dealer to fully understand and appreciate our products, or take a look through our website to see the full range of choices (Campers, Pop Tops and Caravans) to suit your lifestyle.

The freedom of a Goldstream RV