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In the Media

On the Road

28 Jul, 2011

REBEL WITH A CAUSE - Goldstream 17' 6" Off Roader. What I love about off-road caravans is that they are so tough and rugged. They’ve got attitude – and this Goldstream 17’6” off road van definitely has attitude. The rear is cut away to give a decent departure angle, with the spare on the rear bumper set sensibly high.

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Caravan World - Going the Distance

28 Jul, 2011

Goldstream RV has made a significant mark on the Australian caravan scene. In short, the company builds solid caravans for bitumen and rough-road touring. What you see is what you get. And what you get in the Goldstream RV 16ft FKDB is very good indeed.

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Caravan World - Win this Caravan

28 Jul, 2011

Goldstream RV has been building caravans for 16 years, and all of that experience has enabled the company to design a caravan that can stand up to the kind of abuse you won’t be throwing at it regularly – but would like to know you can when necessary. Our review van, which Goldstream RV terms its 17ft 6in Off Road, stands at the end of a long line of evolution.

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Caravan World - Win this Caravan 2

28 Jul, 2011

The plan was destined to fail, which is why it sounded so appealing: take a 17ft 6in Goldstream RV Off Road caravan to Robe, SA, to test it far off the bitumen. I half-expected to be dragging it back in pieces on the back of a flatbed, trying to think of a good story for the guys at Goldstream RV headquarters.

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Caravan World - Rough Road Ready

28 Jul, 2011

There’s an element of prestige that comes with towing a van from Goldstream RV. They look good on the road and attract admiring¬† glances from owners of lesser vans. But it’s more than cosmetic factors that makes Goldstream RV such a worthy player in the caravan market. Good build quality and the attention to detail evident in the overall finish have gone a long way to securing this manufacturer’s reputation. So when we put a Bush Pack-fitted Goldstream (our test van was termed the 20ft, centre-door, rearensuite model) through its paces, I had high expectations.

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On the Road

20 Jul, 2011

With most of our Walk Through reviews we don’t get the chance to take the vehicles away for an extended period, to put them through their paces in the environment they were designed for. So, when we mentioned to Goldstream RV that we were heading away to the NSW South Coast for a little fishing and also to check some feature and photography options, the Goldstream crew were more than happy to offer the Storm RL camper for us to take away.

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Head for the Hills

20 Jul, 2011

The Goldstream pop-top looks a rugged little thing, with good ground clearance, chequerplate strips along the flanks and the usual aluminium cladding. Large chequerplate panels front and rear add protection and reinforce the off-road look.

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Off Road Made Easy

20 Jul, 2011

With that eye-catching first impression of the Goldstream Gold Storm RL camper-tailer taken care of, we parked it by a Brisbane beach location. Kratzmann Caravans has been a distributor of Goldstream Campers for 15 years now, and is very proud of the quality of its products. With the camper towing behind a more than capable Toyota LandCruiser, it certainly looked encouraging as first impressions suggested this was a camper with style while being easy and enjoyable to use.

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Explore Away

20 Jul, 2011

The Explorer has double-ply wall construction to make it much stronger than the average caravan. This gives the aluminium cladding much greater strength and supports the whole caravan structure, as the second layer of ply is attached to the outside of the timber frame and the cladding is attached to that.

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