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Looking Out For Wildlife When Youre On The Road


One of the biggest hazards of travelling somewhere new and exciting is the risk of hitting an animal on the road. Being aware of when to travel, what to look out for and what to do should you come across an injured animal is as important as planning your trip.

What time to travel

If you’re travelling in the country with your Goldstream RV, it’s best to try and avoid travelling at dawn and dusk – however this alone doesn’t guarantee your safety. You should always be on the lookout for wildlife on our roads.

With urban sprawl having a huge impact on the natural environment and drought conditions across the lot of rural areas, it’s not uncommon for wildlife to be seen in larger towns and on the edges of cities as they go in search of water or new habitat.

What to look out for

Kangaroos, echidnas and wombats are probably the most common animals that can be seen along roadside verges and on our highways. It can depend on the area you’re travelling in, however. In country areas you may encounter stray cattle, and if you venture off the beaten track there’s the possibility of coming across snakes, goannas and unfenced cattle, sheep, emus, goats and horses. Remember, just because there may not be road signs warning of wildlife in the area you’re travelling through doesn’t mean they’re not around!

What to do if you find and injured animal

Do keep an eye out for road signs that indicate who the local animal rescue group is, and put the number in your mobile phone, just in case you need it.

A list of wildlife rescue organisations can be found at:

If you choose to rescue a small animal, keep it in a warm, dark place and take it to the closest Vet. Try to keep as quiet as you can and don’t feed it food or water. Be careful as injured wildlife can be aggressive when stressed.

Being hyper aware, travelling at slower speeds at night, utilising high beam and looking ahead along the roadside as well as the road itself are all good strategies to help avoid the sad scenario of hitting an animal while travelling. Armed with the right information and being as prepared as possible will stand you in good stead in case tragedy strikes and you need to seek assistance.

Port Douglas And Surrounds An Idyllic Road Trip


While Port Douglas is a long way from any of Australia’s main cities, it’s well worth the trip. It might take around 22 hours to get there from Brisbane, but along the way you’ll see some of the most spectacular coastlines our country has to offer. And of course the ideal way to make this journey is by caravan or camper van, so you can bring your home with you.


Nestled between the world heritage-listed Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas hosts some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Its marina is filled to overflowing with yachts and other sailing vessels and yet in spite of this, there are plenty of places where you can camp out and park the caravan. You can keep as busy as you like with plenty to see and do in the area, or just sling a hammock and bask in the tropical paradise.


Exploring the Daintree


With the Daintree National Park on your doorstep, you can explore Mossman Gorge and take a dip in the crystal clear swimming holes. You can wander among forest that’s thought to be older than the Amazon, keeping an eye out for Boyd’s forest dragon and the beautiful Ulysses butterfly. Marvel at the size of granite boulders that have been sitting on the forest floor for over 200 million years. If you’d like to take a picnic, there are plenty of picnic tables and toilets located throughout the area, as well as walks that can take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes.


Discover the Beauty of the Reef


Port Douglas is the perfect jumping off point to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Listed as the largest reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is actually a series of 3000 interlinked reef systems. Go for a swim along 4 Mile beach or hop on a day tour out to one of the many islands. Whether you choose to snorkel, scuba dive, or view the reef through a glass bottomed boat, there’ll be something to appeal to the whole family.


Best Time to Visit


Because of its tropical climate, the best time to visit Port Douglas is in the dry season, which runs from June to August. Humidity is lower during this time of the year and the temperature averages a pleasant 26° Celsius.


The drive from Brisbane to Far North Queensland is one of the classic Australian road trips. If fun in the sun and thousands of kilometres of incredible scenery to explore is your idea of a perfect holiday, then this is the trip of a lifetime for you. A perfect road trip needs a vehicle that’s perfectly kitted out for the long haul, which is why so many Aussies choose one of the Goldstream RV range for their family holidays.


Contact our friendly team to discuss your needs and to find a camper that’s perfectly tailored to you and your family.

Adventure and Spectacular Scenery In The Blue Mountains


The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area is just a short drive from Sydney and covers a vast area of 1.03 million hectares. With its stunning natural scenery, it’s multitude of things to see and do and the opportunity it provides for getting away from it all and connecting with both nature and each other, it’s a must see location for those wanting to travel in their Goldstream RV and spend time outdoors with their kids.

Things to do

There are quite a few well-known tourist attractions in the Blue Mountains that people think of straight away when the National Park is mentioned. These include the Three Sisters, the Zig Zag Railway, and Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens, as well as the many art galleries that dot the towns along the Great Western Highway. If you like to stray off the beaten track in a 4WD, however, be sure to check out the following places that are guaranteed to thrill both kids and adults alike:

The Lost City

These are spectacular formations made out of sandstone that resemble beehives or pagodas. Picnic or stay the night at Bungleboori campground if you’d like to explore the numerous other 4WD tracks in the area


Now considered a ghost town, Newnes contains an old abandoned shale mine which was worked for oil in the past. Camping is available near the now-closed pub and the place is now inhabited by wombats, sightings of which should delight the kids.

Nearby is the Glow Worm Tunnel, which was originally built as part of the railway servicing the shale mine but which was taken over by glow worms when it was abandoned. You’ll need to take torches to access the 400 metre tunnel, but turn them off once inside so you can see the glow.

Bush Trackers

This is a program aimed at educating kids and their families about the bush and to encourage connecting with the natural spaces in our lives and an interest in conservation as a result. The website has multiple walking guides and maps to print out with activities to do along the way to stimulate discussion and exploration of various places in the Blue Mountains National Park.

This wonderful World Heritage area caters to families with all types of interests. With over 140 kilometres of walking and biking trails, along with opportunities for rock climbing, horse riding and 4WD’ing, there’s something for everyone – regardless of how long your trip is. If you like to get out and about there’s no better way than to do it in style and comfort with one of our Goldstream RV Camper Trailers. They’re built to withstand the tough stuff and come with a range of options to make them even sturdier. Contact us today to see which one best suits your needs.

Healthy Eating While Travelling


There’s not much point in caravanning with the family and getting into the great outdoors if you’re going to sabotage all that fresh air and exercise with unhealthy eating. Instead, why don’t you and your family fuel up with fresh, healthy food that will help you all make the very best out of your holiday? It’s a lot easier than you might think, especially if you’re travelling in your Goldstream RV.


  • Don’t stop for refreshments at takeaway stores. Pack sandwiches and snacks, and plan to eat at interesting places or roadside stops with a view. A little time spent on the internet ahead of time can make for far more enjoyable breaks than battling the crowds at fast food restaurants. Great snack choices are fruit, carrot sticks, and nuts.
  • Ensure you eat enough protein. If you’re driving for a long time, out walking, or spending the day exploring new territory, make sure you get enough protein to eat. This will enhance your concentration, keep your blood sugar levels stable, and provide you with enough energy to accomplish your goals.
  • Make sure you stay well hydrated. The easiest way to do this is with water. Often, we’ll mistake thirst for hunger and eat anything at hand to try and satisfy it.
  • Drinking lots of water aids in maintaining energy and reduces cravings for unhealthy snacks. It will flush toxins from your body and help prevent heat exposure, too.
  • Try to stick to regular mealtimes wherever possible. This will stop you from getting ravenously hungry and eating everything in sight, or snacking on not-so-healthy foods to keep you going. Combining this with stopping at the interesting places suggested in the first tip will allow you to rest and refresh both your mind and body on long trips, while ensuring you have the focus you need when you take to the road again.
  • Preparing in advance also allows for the use of reusable utensils and water bottles. This both saves money and helps the environment, with only a little rubbish going into landfill, when compared to meals bought from takeaway outlets.

Of course, having a Goldstream caravan gives you a great advantage while travelling. With a built-in kitchen, it takes only moments to set up and get cooking. You have all of the equipment you need, and refrigeration means you don’t need to worry about eskies and buying ice.


Don’t have a Goldstream RV yet? Take some time before planning your next trip to learn about the different in our range – there’s sure to be one to be just right for your family.

Safe Caravan Packing For Off Road Conditions


When you venture off the beaten track in your Goldstream RV it is essential that you pack the items in your caravan safely. All that bouncing around on tracks can cause the items in your van to bounce and rub, so packing to minimise any damage is a must.

Other Goldstream RV clients have passed on some great tips over the years.

Here is some sensible advice to follow when packing your caravan for that off road journey.

  • Separate everything that might be damaged in transit by wrapping them in suitable padding of at least half inch thickness. Foam plastic or non-slip matting works well for this, providing an effective cushion to absorb the inevitable shocks created by the bumpy ride.
  • Many food and drink containers are not built to withstand constant bouncing and rubbing. Pack liquid containers in larger protective containers. “Wet suit” stubby holders are excellent in this regard. Look to decant thin-walled liquid containers into stronger ones. Be careful with aluminium cans as these can wear through with the constant rubbing that can occur on rough trips.
  • Storage jars can unscrew under sustained bumpy movement. Make sure all the jars have their lids screwed on tight.
  • Crockery is an extravagance that will end in tears. Pack unbreakable plates and cups to avoid unnecessary breakage.
  • Identify any containers that might be susceptible to leaking – dishwashing detergent and laundry powder are two that spring to mind – and store them upright in zip lock plastic bags.
  • If you have a microwave oven, remove the turntable and store it safely away.
  • Eggs are best kept in the carton. For extra security it is advisable to wrap the carton in padding.
  • Milk should be stored in a screw top container. If you do keep milk in a carton, use a clothes peg to seal the carton top.
  • Make sure that your refrigerator door is secured. While travelling, remove drink bottles from the fridge door – they’re quite heavy!
  • Remove blinds and pack them securely, perhaps surrounded by bedding.

Getting to remote parts of the country takes a sense of adventure but is well worth the effort. Make sure you can really appreciate the joy that getting off the beaten track brings by packing your Goldstream RV safely.

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