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It’s an idea many people dream of – travelling with the kids, taking in the sights, and learning all about this magnificent land of ours. Often, the only difference between those who actually do it, and those who keep dreaming about it, is the planning. Sometimes just wondering where to start can be daunting enough to prevent it from becoming a reality. Taking a systematic approach can put you on the road sooner than you might think.

Gather Your Resources

Gather resources such as travel guides, maps, online resources, and a GPS. You’ll also need pens and paper for list making. Searching online for Australian travel guides can be a great start and lead you to all sorts of resources you might never have thought of, but don’t underestimate the importance of paper travel guides – internet access is never guaranteed when you’re on the road.

Planning and Plotting

Before talking about it with the kids, figure out how much time you have and how much time you actually want to spend driving. This will determine how many places you can visit along the way. Deciding on your destination and associated rest stops is a great exercise in family bonding. Be sure to lay down communication rules first and ensure that everyone’s preferences are taken into account so that they feel heard. Short-list those places and activities that interest the whole family, plot them on a map with the kids’ involvement, and you have the bare bones of your trip planned already!

Finalise Your Plans

Using your GPS or one of the trip planning websites, calculate the various travel times and consider what time of day you’ll need to leave and arrive at each destination to give the kids time to explore and enable you to wind down at the end of each day.

Budget and pack accordingly. Take into account the cost of fuel, which can be a lot higher in country areas than in the city, and include contingency plans just in case things don’t go quite the way you’ve envisaged.

By following these starting steps you’ll ensure your trip is planned realistically and everyone will feel as though they’ve had a say. Ensuring that you have the right vehicle goes a long way towards a reliable and safe trip, as well as providing enough space for you and your family while you’re on the road.

Whether your preferences run to a camper, a pop-top or a caravan, the team at Goldstream RV will be delighted to talk to you about your options.

The Far South Coast Of New South Wales Natures Playground


The Sapphire Coast of New South Wales encompasses a coastal strip from the seaside town of Bermagui all the way down to the Victorian border. It’s an area of incredible beauty with mountains, national parks and pristine beaches, full of Australia’s early history and packed full of things to see and do.

Located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on the coast, and a 3 hour drive from Canberra, it’s one of the few areas of NSW coast that remains relatively unspoilt, and is a perfect destination for families.

Something for Everyone

With pet friendly caravan accommodation and plenty of off leash areas on most beaches, the furrier members of the family are also welcomed in many of the small towns that make up the southern end of the State. The many food, cultural trails, and wilderness activities ensure that both kids and adults will enjoy their holiday in this diverse and beautiful part of the world.

Bournda National Park

Highlights include the Hobart Beach campground at Bournda National Park which provides opportunities to hike, cycle, swim, surf and explore the many walking trails that the area offers. Historic Scott’s Hut which was built in the 1890’s and gives a feel of what life was like back in colonial times. The nearby towns of Bega, Tathra and Merimbula provide a cinema, patrolled beaches and wonderful dining experiences, as well as mini golf and an amusement park at Magic Mountain.

Eden’s Killer Whale Trail

Further south there’s the Killer Whale Trail where you can learn of ‘Old Tom’, the Killer whale that used to help whalers by herding smaller whales into Kiah Inlet where they were caught and used to make many products that were valuable before whales became a protected species. The Eden Killer Whale Museum still houses his skeleton, while in the cooler months you can visit Greencape Lighthouse – the perfect destination to spot these majestic giants in the wild. Whale spotting tours depart from both Merimbula and Eden during whale watching season from September to November each year. Time your visit to coincide with the Eden Whale Festival, held at the end of October annually.

Whether fishing or conservation, walking or surfing, history or modern day cuisine is your thing, there’s something for everyone in this pristine area of the world. The food is excellent, the people are friendly and the bush is there, just waiting to be explored.

One of the reasons this is such an amazing place is because it’s a fair distance from any major town, so ensuring your transport is both reliable and comfortable is essential. For that reason, we recommend taking a look at our range of Goldstream caravans to ensure you make the most of both your road trip and your stay in nature’s playground.

Dust The Dust Off In Mataranka Springs


Quite a few of Goldstream RV’s clients have recommended a little known oasis one hundred kilometres south of Katherine called Mataranka Springs.


Mataranka Springs’s main attraction is the natural thermal springs which feed the numerous rock pools with warm spring water, with a fairly constant temperature of around 34 degrees. The crystal clear pools themselves are said to have great therapeutic benefits and many visitors find that a dip in the pool soothes aches and pains.


The Springs are a great place to view barramundi feeding as well, and the area around the main pool is a natural breeding ground for a species of flying fox.


The facilities at Mataranka are basic but comfortable. The cost of camping there is reasonable, with a family of two adults and three kids paying just $26 per night for a powered site. The camp is only a short walk from the Springs and is visited frequently by local wildlife, particularly wallabies and kangaroos.


Things to Do Around Mataranka Springs


Many visitors find the Mataranka Springs relaxing enough, but there are several neighbouring attractions that are worth taking the time to visit and enjoy.


Nearby Bitter Springs is less busy than the main springs, but is deeper and only a few kilometres from Mataranka Springs. Bitter Springs has more of a natural look and has been less developed with only a couple of stairways allowing access to the pool. The water at Bitter Springs is crystal clear.


There are several scenic walks in the area, the most popular of which is the Botanic walk along the nearby Roper River. This walk features informative displays and there are seats and tables dotted about. The track takes you a full eight kilometres along the Roper River to the curiously named “12 Mile Yards”.


Mataranka Falls is a reasonably easy four kilometre walk from the Roper River. The Falls are like a natural spa and well worth a visit.


The best time to visit Mataranka Springs is the dry season from April through to September but the area can be quite busy. The wet season provides spectacular scenery but some areas are difficult to get to at that time.


In addition to the camp site at Mataranka Springs, there is camping available at Bitter Springs and at designated camping areas within the Elsey National Park.


Halls Gap Holiday Heaven


Tucked away in the heart of the Grampians sits Halls Gap, a small village half an hour’s journey from the busy town centres of Stawell and Ararat. And, as many of our Goldstream RV owners have told us, Halls Gap is a popular holiday destination for families all year round.

The rugged ranges of the Grampians make the perfect place for families to go bush walking, mountain climbing, fishing, swimming, canoeing and, for the more adventurous, abseiling and hang gliding. All camp sites within the area are regularly visited by kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and a great range of local bird life.

Easily Accessible

Halls Gap is a short distance off the Western Highway, some three hours drive from Melbourne and about four hours from Adelaide. The tranquil setting makes a great base from which to explore the whole Grampians area, which features incredible rock formations, superb scenery, ancient rock paintings, and beautiful water features.

Camping Areas in Halls Gap

There are numerous camp sites around the Halls Gap area, including:

  • Halls Gap Caravan Park, located within the town centre. The site has 100 powered sites and numerous unpowered sites. Set in a beautiful shady location, the park has all amenities.
  • Lakeside Caravan Park, located at the foot of the magnificent Bellfield Dam. Lakeside is three kilometres south of Halls Gap and features all amenities.
  • Big 4 Caravan Park, situated just north of the township close to the Halls Gap Hotel. The Big 4 park has a heavy emphasis on cabin accommodation, but there are some powered and unpowered sites available.
  • Grampians Gardens Tourist Park. There are 55 powered and 14 unpowered sites available at this park, located at the Stawell and Ararat Road intersection, only a kilometre from the town centre.
  • Lake Fyans Holiday Park. Situated close to the small village of Pomonal, some ten minutes’ drive from Halls Gap, the lake is a popular fishing, boating and swimming destination. Powered and unpowered sites are available.

Things to Do In Halls Gap/ Grampians

The area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Victoria, with bush walking, rock climbing, four wheel driving, and fishing being popular activities. Halls Gap itself is home to the popular Brambuck Cultural Centre which gives an insight into the Koori native history within the area. Popular places of interest include the picturesque Mackenzie’s Falls and the popular Zumsteins picnic park.


Journey Back In Time On Queenslands Dinosaur Trail


Nothing quite fires a kid’s imagination like dinosaurs. You can tap into that fascination while visiting outback Australia by camping along the Queensland Dinosaur Trail, as many of our Goldstream RV owners have already done – and the reports have been excellent.


The Queensland Dinosaur Trail offers a truly unique caravanning experience in the state’s outback, allowing you and your family to follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric monsters that once roamed the area. The Trail follows a track of nearly 550 kilometres from Richmond, down to Winton, and back up to Hughenden, and features some of the most amazing dinosaur artefacts on earth.


Each major town along the Trail is close to a dinosaur attraction, and all are worthy of your time.




Said to be the dinosaur capital of Australia, and it is home to the “dinosaur stampede” the only proof on earth that dinosaurs, did in fact stampede. Over three thousand dinosaur tracks are now housed within an ecologically sustainable building. This National Monument has daily tours that run at 10.00 am, noon and 2.00 pm. The world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils is also located in Winton at the working research facility called the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.


Winton is home to several caravan parks. Matilda Country tourist park and Pelican Van Park are both popular with caravanners, while the Tattersalls Hotel is also said to have a van park.


The Town of Richmond


Some two hundred and twenty nine kilometres north of Winton, is home to Kronosaurus Korner which contains a massive collection of dinosaur fossils. Kronosaurus Korner boasts the best preserved dinosaur and marine reptile fossils in Australia, and visitors are able to view these fossils at the Korner’s preparation factory.


The Lake View Caravan Park offers affordable accommodation with all major amenities.




Less developed in a tourist sense then the other two towns, but there have been over three hundred dinosaur fossils found in the area. If you would like to spend a day looking for fossils, this might be just the place.


Call in at the Flinders Discovery Centre to get a map and directions. Hughenden has four caravan parks all of similar quality.


The Queensland Dinosaur Trail is sure to give your kids plenty to think about and gives you the chance to enjoy part of Queensland’s outback.


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