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Every Caravanning Family Should Have A Wet Weather Box


While nobody wants it to rain – there’s always a chance that somewhere on your journeys you will get stuck in your caravan on a rainy day. At Goldstream RVs we’ve heard many of our customers sing the praises of a simple wet weather box.


It’s nobody’s idea of fun to be confined to a caravan for hours with restless kids on days when the rain tumbles down and shows no signs of letting up. Laptop computers, mobile telephones, and their assorted amusements will only keep kids engaged and silent for a certain amount of time. After that, you’re on your own, praying for the rain to stop and struggling to keep sane amidst a growing sense of restlessness and ill humour.


It can make for some unpleasant hours unless you are prepared in advance with a well stocked wet weather box.


A wet weather box is what you choose to make it and will differ from family to family, but it can be stocked with a selection of board games, puzzles, playing cards, craft items, and activity books. The idea is to give your family a selection of activities that will keep them amused until you can venture outside again.


Here are some suggestions for stocking your wet weather box:


  • Craft supplies – nothing over the top, just some basics scissors, paper, coloured pencils, craft glue, whatever you think the kids will like that can be used in cramped conditions.
  • Activity Books can be picked up for a couple of dollars from newsagents, and will have lots of fun things to do indoors. Have a quick flick through to check for anything that might demand lots of glitter or sequins and make a judgement call on whether you can put up with that. That page can go missing if necessary!
  • Board games – as with everything else in the wet weather box, these will depend largely upon your kids’ age groups. Board games that the whole family can play in are best.
  • Pictionary is a favourite, while old stand-bys like Cluedo, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Monopoly all have their advocates.
  • Playing Cards and importantly a set of rules for favourite card games, so that you can settle any disputes that may come up.


In the end, the contents of the box should include enough activities and variety to satisfy all kids’ entertainment needs and imagination. Hopefully, you will have little need to break out the wet weather box, but you will be forever grateful for it when you do.

Getting Along With Your Caravanning Neighbours


Once upon a time, you could load up your Goldstream RV caravan or camper, jump in the car, go bush and find a secluded camp site that you literally could call your own. You didn’t have to worry about getting along with anybody – because nobody was there.

These days, it doesn’t matter where you go, the chances are that you will have to share your camp site with somebody else. Getting along with them by following a few simple rules will make your camp that much more enjoyable.

Camp Etiquette

Common sense should prevail in camp situations and the old rule about treating others as you would like to be treated applies in camp situations. Here are the golden rules.

  • Not everybody will enjoy your taste in music, so keep the music volume down. For your personal music enjoyment – use headphones!
  • Generators are best used during the day. If your batteries need charging – charge them in daylight hours. Generators make a fearful racket and the sound carries at night. Be mindful of other’s need to sleep.
  • Use existing fireplaces to light your camp fire. Space is at a premium already in many cases, and taking up extra space with a new camp fire is just selfish. While we’re on the subject of fires, firewood is becoming hard to source in some places, and twigs and branches in bush areas are considered ‘habitats’ for native wildlife. Think about the benefits of bringing your own fire wood with you.
  • Dispose of your waste thoughtfully. Many camp sites have adequate and comfortable amenities blocks, but some camps leave you to your own devices. Portable chemical toilets provide one solution, otherwise thoughtful disposal of waste in properly dug holes is not only healthy, it’s considerate as well.
  • Yes, your kids are on holidays and yes they are excited, but that doesn’t give them a license to ruin every other campers holiday. A little common sense applies here – no screaming/no shouting should be non negotiable. Respect for others is a great quality to teach.
  • Collect your rubbish. Some sites have rubbish bins, some don’t. Dispose of your litter thoughtfully, and while camping be aware of wildlife that won’t think twice about ripping open garbage bags to get to the goodies inside.

Getting along with others is, in most cases, a pretty simple thing to achieve. Just following basic camp site courtesy will make your camping holiday more enjoyable and may even pave the way for new friendships to develop.


Anglesea Where Bush Meets The Sea


Nestled between Torquay and Lorne, on the famous Great Ocean Road, sits the small village of Anglesea is a popular tourist and caravan spot, particularly in the summer months – and many of our Goldstream RV owners rave about it.


Anglesea is a great place for family holidays. Not only does it offer two beautiful beaches offering safe swimming, surfing, fishing and boating, but it backs on to the gorgeous bushland of the Otway Ranges. Kangaroos, koalas, emus, and many varieties of water birds can be found within ten minutes drive of the village centre.


The local golf course is famous for its kangaroos grazing on the fairways and greens.

So Close To Melbourne, But A World Away


Anglesea lies just seventy minutes from Melbourne and is an excellent place to explore the attractions of the Great Ocean Road including Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay, the Twelve Apostles, and the joys of the Otway Ranges. It is only twenty minutes away from Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong.


The weather is quite mild throughout the winter months, with hot periods peaking in late summer. Anglesea surf beach and the sheltered beach at Point Roadknight are both patrolled.


All caravan parks and camp grounds within Anglesea are close to the beach and within five minutes drive of the local shopping centre.

Anglesea Front Beach Caravan Park


Borders the Anglesea River has two hundred and fifty powered sites and gives direct access to the main surf beach. For four years running the site has been ranked as a top 10 holiday park for kids. It has a gym, swimming pool, free nine hole mini golf, a giant jumping pillow, a TV room and a large recreational area among other facilities.

Big 4 Anglesea Holiday Park


Located on the South side of the Anglesea River, the Big 4 Holiday Park is also a great place for kids with a million dollar indoor water facility, a giant chess set and a toddler playroom. All the usual Big 4 amenities are available for travellers.

Narambi Caravan Park


Also located on the Anglesea River, the site mainly caters for cabin users.

The Great Ocean Road


From Anglesea through to Apollo Bay, The Great Ocean Road offers some of the most spectacular roadside ocean views in Australia and is a trip that is worth taking while your visiting Anglesea. The road has been featured in many Australian movies, advertisements, photographs and paintings.

If you are planning a holiday with your family in the Anglesea area, and would like to do it in the comfort of your own caravan, our helpful team at Goldstream RV are on hand to help you choose the right RV for your needs. Call us today on 03 5941 5571.

Keeping Clean In Remote Camp Sites


We know that Goldstream RV customers like to get off the beaten track, and that remote locations have a lot of advantages. But one drawback associated with getting away from it all is how on earth do you keep everyone clean?

Showering in remote areas

There are many quality camp showers on the market, with most designed to give you a hot shower by using either solar or battery power. To get the best out of these marvels, it’s best to follow a few simple rules – for your sake and the environment’s.


  • Shower well away from watercourses (at least 100 metres)


  • Commercial soaps and shampoos can cause damage to aquatic life.


  • Pack biodegradable soaps with low sodium and phosphate properties.


  • As well as damaging the environment, chemicals in cleaning products may attract annoying insects, so odourless soaps are the best bet.

Doing Laundry in remote areas

No one likes smelly, sweaty or dirty clothes. Here are a couple of ways to keep your clothes as clean as possible while camping in remote areas.


  • It is possible to purchase portable washing machines that will fit neatly in your caravan or car. But even with a portable washing machine, it may not be practical to wash every day. In these cases, it’s a good idea to air dry your clothes daily as leaving clothes in packs will help breed bacteria and make your clothes smelly.


  • Some clothing, particularly hiking clothing, is designed specifically to absorb and disperse moisture. If you are considering hiking in remote areas, purchasing some of this type of clothing may help you to keep your clothing sweat free.


  • Travel towels are a great investment as well. Normal towels stay wet for a long time, whereas, travel towels have been designed to dry you efficiently, and themselves quickly.


Once you get away from established camp sites you’re going to have to wrestle with this. Portable toilets, or the old fashioned ‘hole in the ground’ are the options. If you can’t spare the room for a portable loo, or just don’t want one, here are a few tips for going to the toilet in the bush.


  • Pack a portable trowel to dig holes with.


  • Ensure that any holes are dug well away from waterholes and the campsite itself.


  • Ensure holes are at least twenty centimetres deep then cover everything when finished.


What are your tips for staying clean and less smelly when camping off the beaten track?

Milduras Mediterranean Climate Makes Camping A Breeze


Nestled in the north west corner of Victoria lies a virtual oasis, nourished and maintained by irrigation. Mildura is known for its large skies, fertile soil, and vibrant welcoming atmosphere. The local restaurants, eateries and cellar doors pride themselves in providing the best quality local wines and produce.


There is something for every member of the family in Mildura, which offers a Mediterranean climate, rugged beauty, and remarkable local history.


Parking up your Goldstream RV on the Murray River in the Mildura area is an experience that you will never forget – whether off the beaten track, or at one of the caravan parks which include:

Apex River Beach Holiday Park


Conveniently located just outside Mildura on the banks of the Murray River, this comfortable park has two hundred powered sites and many un-powered sites. The site is located at the end of a road, so there is no passing traffic which adds to the tranquil relaxed atmosphere.


Apex River Park is also pet friendly.


Amenities include unisex and disabled bathroom, barbecues both in the park and the council reserve nearby, waste dump point, and a children’s playground.

Golden River Holiday Park


Located on the Murray just four kilometres out of town, the Golden River park carries the Big 4 Holiday Park label and provides a comfort level in line with that brand. Facilities include a swimming pool, kids activity playground, games room, and pedal karts for hire. The park has close to eighty sites available.

Buronga Riverside Caravan Park


This traditional styled caravan park is the most centrally located caravan park in Mildura and as the name suggests, is situated on the river. The owners take pride in making your stay an enjoyable one, and put extra effort into making your camping experience unique. Kids will enjoy the novelty faces in the trees and the fairy lights strewn throughout the park in the evenings. The park receives regular positive reviews from independent review sites like Trip Advisor.

Free camping sites


There are a number of locations along the river around the Mildura district. Facilities are usually sparse, but these places are good rest stops and may suffice for a night or two.


Free camping is allowed at the following spots:


  • Bruce’s Bend
  • Green Point
  • Psyche Bend
  • Bottle Bend
  • Karigoc Sandbar, and
  • Merbein common


Mildura’s weather is quite mild through the winter months, making it a popular holiday destination all year round – it is definitely a great place to take your family, and, of course, your Goldstream RV.


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