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Mendooran NSW A Quaint Country Village with a Choice of Caravan Parks


Many people love the freedom of the caravanning lifestyle, while others keep a caravan just for holidays. Having your own caravan means you no longer have to worry about paying for accommodation and can choose to stay in quiet, out of the way locations rather than in the middle of a town.


One such place that is frequented by many caravanners is the caravan park at Mendooran, a tiny village not too far from Dubbo, NSW.


The location makes it ideal for anyone travelling north from southern regions who wants to avoid the congested city roads and likewise, people travelling south from further north. For instance, if you are heading to Dubbo to visit the Western Plains Taronga Park Zoo, taking the detour through Mendooran will give you a quiet place to camp for the night. If you are heading that way from further north, take the Forest Road; it is all sealed and almost straight from the turn-off at….making it a good run and a great short-cut. You might even see a wallaby, emus, goats or Mallee fowl on the side of the road.

What to See in Mendooran


The caravan park has flushing toilets and is located at the town end of the bridge. It is a pleasant walk from there to the main village with its tiny supermarket, Post Office and even a craft shop. There is a park with nice amenities at that end of the town and a historic pub for those who want a meal or a cold one at the end of the day.


Mendooran village is unique for the amazing murals that depict various aspects of early rural life, painted on the walls of many older buildings. Sheep shearing, bullock teams, the birdlife, horse races and gatherings at a local show are all there for tourists to enjoy. This little village was once a thriving country centre but like many other small country towns has lost many of the businesses that were once available.


The streets are really wide, making it very easy to park or turn around with your Goldstream RV in tow. It is probably the only place where you might see someone slowly driving a car along the road while chatting to a horse rider going in the same direction.

And So to Western Plains Zoo


After you have a great night’s sleep and stock up on milk or groceries from the village, it is only a hop, skip and jump to Dubbo, and this satellite section of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. You you can spend the day seeing many exotic and native animals in an as-close-as-possible natural habitat. While Dubbo has many caravan parks with great facilities, none of them are free – and some are close to busy roads that the traffic never seems to stop all night long – so choose your overnight spot carefully.

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