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Keeping Clean In Remote Camp Sites


We know that Goldstream RV customers like to get off the beaten track, and that remote locations have a lot of advantages. But one drawback associated with getting away from it all is how on earth do you keep everyone clean?

Showering in remote areas

There are many quality camp showers on the market, with most designed to give you a hot shower by using either solar or battery power. To get the best out of these marvels, it’s best to follow a few simple rules – for your sake and the environment’s.


  • Shower well away from watercourses (at least 100 metres)


  • Commercial soaps and shampoos can cause damage to aquatic life.


  • Pack biodegradable soaps with low sodium and phosphate properties.


  • As well as damaging the environment, chemicals in cleaning products may attract annoying insects, so odourless soaps are the best bet.

Doing Laundry in remote areas

No one likes smelly, sweaty or dirty clothes. Here are a couple of ways to keep your clothes as clean as possible while camping in remote areas.


  • It is possible to purchase portable washing machines that will fit neatly in your caravan or car. But even with a portable washing machine, it may not be practical to wash every day. In these cases, it’s a good idea to air dry your clothes daily as leaving clothes in packs will help breed bacteria and make your clothes smelly.


  • Some clothing, particularly hiking clothing, is designed specifically to absorb and disperse moisture. If you are considering hiking in remote areas, purchasing some of this type of clothing may help you to keep your clothing sweat free.


  • Travel towels are a great investment as well. Normal towels stay wet for a long time, whereas, travel towels have been designed to dry you efficiently, and themselves quickly.


Once you get away from established camp sites you’re going to have to wrestle with this. Portable toilets, or the old fashioned ‘hole in the ground’ are the options. If you can’t spare the room for a portable loo, or just don’t want one, here are a few tips for going to the toilet in the bush.


  • Pack a portable trowel to dig holes with.


  • Ensure that any holes are dug well away from waterholes and the campsite itself.


  • Ensure holes are at least twenty centimetres deep then cover everything when finished.


What are your tips for staying clean and less smelly when camping off the beaten track?

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