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Getting Along With Your Caravanning Neighbours


Once upon a time, you could load up your Goldstream RV caravan or camper, jump in the car, go bush and find a secluded camp site that you literally could call your own. You didn’t have to worry about getting along with anybody – because nobody was there.

These days, it doesn’t matter where you go, the chances are that you will have to share your camp site with somebody else. Getting along with them by following a few simple rules will make your camp that much more enjoyable.

Camp Etiquette

Common sense should prevail in camp situations and the old rule about treating others as you would like to be treated applies in camp situations. Here are the golden rules.

  • Not everybody will enjoy your taste in music, so keep the music volume down. For your personal music enjoyment – use headphones!
  • Generators are best used during the day. If your batteries need charging – charge them in daylight hours. Generators make a fearful racket and the sound carries at night. Be mindful of other’s need to sleep.
  • Use existing fireplaces to light your camp fire. Space is at a premium already in many cases, and taking up extra space with a new camp fire is just selfish. While we’re on the subject of fires, firewood is becoming hard to source in some places, and twigs and branches in bush areas are considered ‘habitats’ for native wildlife. Think about the benefits of bringing your own fire wood with you.
  • Dispose of your waste thoughtfully. Many camp sites have adequate and comfortable amenities blocks, but some camps leave you to your own devices. Portable chemical toilets provide one solution, otherwise thoughtful disposal of waste in properly dug holes is not only healthy, it’s considerate as well.
  • Yes, your kids are on holidays and yes they are excited, but that doesn’t give them a license to ruin every other campers holiday. A little common sense applies here – no screaming/no shouting should be non negotiable. Respect for others is a great quality to teach.
  • Collect your rubbish. Some sites have rubbish bins, some don’t. Dispose of your litter thoughtfully, and while camping be aware of wildlife that won’t think twice about ripping open garbage bags to get to the goodies inside.

Getting along with others is, in most cases, a pretty simple thing to achieve. Just following basic camp site courtesy will make your camping holiday more enjoyable and may even pave the way for new friendships to develop.


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