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Every Caravanning Family Should Have A Wet Weather Box


While nobody wants it to rain – there’s always a chance that somewhere on your journeys you will get stuck in your caravan on a rainy day. At Goldstream RVs we’ve heard many of our customers sing the praises of a simple wet weather box.


It’s nobody’s idea of fun to be confined to a caravan for hours with restless kids on days when the rain tumbles down and shows no signs of letting up. Laptop computers, mobile telephones, and their assorted amusements will only keep kids engaged and silent for a certain amount of time. After that, you’re on your own, praying for the rain to stop and struggling to keep sane amidst a growing sense of restlessness and ill humour.


It can make for some unpleasant hours unless you are prepared in advance with a well stocked wet weather box.


A wet weather box is what you choose to make it and will differ from family to family, but it can be stocked with a selection of board games, puzzles, playing cards, craft items, and activity books. The idea is to give your family a selection of activities that will keep them amused until you can venture outside again.


Here are some suggestions for stocking your wet weather box:


  • Craft supplies – nothing over the top, just some basics scissors, paper, coloured pencils, craft glue, whatever you think the kids will like that can be used in cramped conditions.
  • Activity Books can be picked up for a couple of dollars from newsagents, and will have lots of fun things to do indoors. Have a quick flick through to check for anything that might demand lots of glitter or sequins and make a judgement call on whether you can put up with that. That page can go missing if necessary!
  • Board games – as with everything else in the wet weather box, these will depend largely upon your kids’ age groups. Board games that the whole family can play in are best.
  • Pictionary is a favourite, while old stand-bys like Cluedo, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Monopoly all have their advocates.
  • Playing Cards and importantly a set of rules for favourite card games, so that you can settle any disputes that may come up.


In the end, the contents of the box should include enough activities and variety to satisfy all kids’ entertainment needs and imagination. Hopefully, you will have little need to break out the wet weather box, but you will be forever grateful for it when you do.

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