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Journey Back In Time On Queenslands Dinosaur Trail


Nothing quite fires a kid’s imagination like dinosaurs. You can tap into that fascination while visiting outback Australia by camping along the Queensland Dinosaur Trail, as many of our Goldstream RV owners have already done – and the reports have been excellent.


The Queensland Dinosaur Trail offers a truly unique caravanning experience in the state’s outback, allowing you and your family to follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric monsters that once roamed the area. The Trail follows a track of nearly 550 kilometres from Richmond, down to Winton, and back up to Hughenden, and features some of the most amazing dinosaur artefacts on earth.


Each major town along the Trail is close to a dinosaur attraction, and all are worthy of your time.




Said to be the dinosaur capital of Australia, and it is home to the “dinosaur stampede” the only proof on earth that dinosaurs, did in fact stampede. Over three thousand dinosaur tracks are now housed within an ecologically sustainable building. This National Monument has daily tours that run at 10.00 am, noon and 2.00 pm. The world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils is also located in Winton at the working research facility called the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.


Winton is home to several caravan parks. Matilda Country tourist park and Pelican Van Park are both popular with caravanners, while the Tattersalls Hotel is also said to have a van park.


The Town of Richmond


Some two hundred and twenty nine kilometres north of Winton, is home to Kronosaurus Korner which contains a massive collection of dinosaur fossils. Kronosaurus Korner boasts the best preserved dinosaur and marine reptile fossils in Australia, and visitors are able to view these fossils at the Korner’s preparation factory.


The Lake View Caravan Park offers affordable accommodation with all major amenities.




Less developed in a tourist sense then the other two towns, but there have been over three hundred dinosaur fossils found in the area. If you would like to spend a day looking for fossils, this might be just the place.


Call in at the Flinders Discovery Centre to get a map and directions. Hughenden has four caravan parks all of similar quality.


The Queensland Dinosaur Trail is sure to give your kids plenty to think about and gives you the chance to enjoy part of Queensland’s outback.


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