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Dust The Dust Off In Mataranka Springs


Quite a few of Goldstream RV’s clients have recommended a little known oasis one hundred kilometres south of Katherine called Mataranka Springs.


Mataranka Springs’s main attraction is the natural thermal springs which feed the numerous rock pools with warm spring water, with a fairly constant temperature of around 34 degrees. The crystal clear pools themselves are said to have great therapeutic benefits and many visitors find that a dip in the pool soothes aches and pains.


The Springs are a great place to view barramundi feeding as well, and the area around the main pool is a natural breeding ground for a species of flying fox.


The facilities at Mataranka are basic but comfortable. The cost of camping there is reasonable, with a family of two adults and three kids paying just $26 per night for a powered site. The camp is only a short walk from the Springs and is visited frequently by local wildlife, particularly wallabies and kangaroos.


Things to Do Around Mataranka Springs


Many visitors find the Mataranka Springs relaxing enough, but there are several neighbouring attractions that are worth taking the time to visit and enjoy.


Nearby Bitter Springs is less busy than the main springs, but is deeper and only a few kilometres from Mataranka Springs. Bitter Springs has more of a natural look and has been less developed with only a couple of stairways allowing access to the pool. The water at Bitter Springs is crystal clear.


There are several scenic walks in the area, the most popular of which is the Botanic walk along the nearby Roper River. This walk features informative displays and there are seats and tables dotted about. The track takes you a full eight kilometres along the Roper River to the curiously named “12 Mile Yards”.


Mataranka Falls is a reasonably easy four kilometre walk from the Roper River. The Falls are like a natural spa and well worth a visit.


The best time to visit Mataranka Springs is the dry season from April through to September but the area can be quite busy. The wet season provides spectacular scenery but some areas are difficult to get to at that time.


In addition to the camp site at Mataranka Springs, there is camping available at Bitter Springs and at designated camping areas within the Elsey National Park.


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