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Safe Caravan Packing For Off Road Conditions


When you venture off the beaten track in your Goldstream RV it is essential that you pack the items in your caravan safely. All that bouncing around on tracks can cause the items in your van to bounce and rub, so packing to minimise any damage is a must.

Other Goldstream RV clients have passed on some great tips over the years.

Here is some sensible advice to follow when packing your caravan for that off road journey.

  • Separate everything that might be damaged in transit by wrapping them in suitable padding of at least half inch thickness. Foam plastic or non-slip matting works well for this, providing an effective cushion to absorb the inevitable shocks created by the bumpy ride.
  • Many food and drink containers are not built to withstand constant bouncing and rubbing. Pack liquid containers in larger protective containers. “Wet suit” stubby holders are excellent in this regard. Look to decant thin-walled liquid containers into stronger ones. Be careful with aluminium cans as these can wear through with the constant rubbing that can occur on rough trips.
  • Storage jars can unscrew under sustained bumpy movement. Make sure all the jars have their lids screwed on tight.
  • Crockery is an extravagance that will end in tears. Pack unbreakable plates and cups to avoid unnecessary breakage.
  • Identify any containers that might be susceptible to leaking – dishwashing detergent and laundry powder are two that spring to mind – and store them upright in zip lock plastic bags.
  • If you have a microwave oven, remove the turntable and store it safely away.
  • Eggs are best kept in the carton. For extra security it is advisable to wrap the carton in padding.
  • Milk should be stored in a screw top container. If you do keep milk in a carton, use a clothes peg to seal the carton top.
  • Make sure that your refrigerator door is secured. While travelling, remove drink bottles from the fridge door – they’re quite heavy!
  • Remove blinds and pack them securely, perhaps surrounded by bedding.

Getting to remote parts of the country takes a sense of adventure but is well worth the effort. Make sure you can really appreciate the joy that getting off the beaten track brings by packing your Goldstream RV safely.

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