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Looking Out For Wildlife When Youre On The Road


One of the biggest hazards of travelling somewhere new and exciting is the risk of hitting an animal on the road. Being aware of when to travel, what to look out for and what to do should you come across an injured animal is as important as planning your trip.

What time to travel

If you’re travelling in the country with your Goldstream RV, it’s best to try and avoid travelling at dawn and dusk – however this alone doesn’t guarantee your safety. You should always be on the lookout for wildlife on our roads.

With urban sprawl having a huge impact on the natural environment and drought conditions across the lot of rural areas, it’s not uncommon for wildlife to be seen in larger towns and on the edges of cities as they go in search of water or new habitat.

What to look out for

Kangaroos, echidnas and wombats are probably the most common animals that can be seen along roadside verges and on our highways. It can depend on the area you’re travelling in, however. In country areas you may encounter stray cattle, and if you venture off the beaten track there’s the possibility of coming across snakes, goannas and unfenced cattle, sheep, emus, goats and horses. Remember, just because there may not be road signs warning of wildlife in the area you’re travelling through doesn’t mean they’re not around!

What to do if you find and injured animal

Do keep an eye out for road signs that indicate who the local animal rescue group is, and put the number in your mobile phone, just in case you need it.

A list of wildlife rescue organisations can be found at:

If you choose to rescue a small animal, keep it in a warm, dark place and take it to the closest Vet. Try to keep as quiet as you can and don’t feed it food or water. Be careful as injured wildlife can be aggressive when stressed.

Being hyper aware, travelling at slower speeds at night, utilising high beam and looking ahead along the roadside as well as the road itself are all good strategies to help avoid the sad scenario of hitting an animal while travelling. Armed with the right information and being as prepared as possible will stand you in good stead in case tragedy strikes and you need to seek assistance.

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