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Preserving Your Holiday Memories


One of the best things about taking the kids on holidays, apart from the actual holiday itself, is preserving the memories so that you can look back on them in years to come. With the many options available today, the ways of capturing these are nearly as varied as the places you choose to explore. Which method you choose will depend on your own personal preferences and those of your family, how much access you have to technology on your trip and how creative you want to get.


Blogs have a few advantages over paper and pen in that you can upload photos as you go and record your travels online, allowing others (if you want) to see where you are and what you’re up to as you undertake your adventure. There are many places online that offer free blog spaces complete with templates to make the process really easy, even if you’ve never blogged before. It’s possible for each member of the family to have one if they wish!


These have the advantage of being more portable than a blog because you don’t need any equipment other than a pen and paper. There’s not need to rely on internet access and things can be scribbled on a paper napkin if necessary and posted into an actual journal later. Of course, just like blogs, each person can keep their own journal, personalising it to their tastes. Scrapbooking is another option.

Photos and Video

If you’re more of a visual family, you might prefer the photographic approach. Digital cameras have made photography cheaper than it’s ever been before and most phones today also have built in cameras and even the capacity to record videos. This saves on the need for bulky equipment and means that you can capture special moments as they happen. Ensure you remember so that you don’t have a flat battery when that once in a lifetime picture opportunity presents itself.

Capturing your memories while on holiday and preserving them is one of the highlights of families exploring together. The method you choose to use is completely up to you, but the most important thing is to ensure it’s done.

To free you from needing to focus on the more mundane aspects of maintaining a home away from home, a Goldstream caravan or camper is the ideal choice, allowing you more time to do the fun stuff so that you can capture those precious memories to share in years to come.

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