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Adventures with Geocaching


Geocaching is a treasure hunt, where you aim to find “caches” using a mobile device or a GPS. It’s a perfect hobby when travelling with your Goldstream RV. Uncover hidden gems most people wouldn’t find otherwise. Both kids and adults love the adventure. Worldwide there are millions of geocaches, with thousands in Australia. There are bound to be some just about wherever your travels take you.

What are geocaches?


Some caches are tiny, with just a logbook. Others are a larger container with items to swap. Take along items, such as small plastic toys or stickers to swap, but not food, sweets, or anything likely to corrode.


Some geocaches are right next to roads. Others need a short or a long trek. There are some that involve tree or rock climbing or a boat. Others include a puzzle and some are a series of caches linked in a trial. Choose the ones that suit you. Online descriptions and coordinates give an idea of the effort involved in getting to the geocache.

Finding geocaches


To find geocaches near you, go to or download the mobile app linked from the site. Create an account and choose a geocaching name used to log your adventures.


Locate the geocaches nearby using the map, the nearest postcode or the location name. Use your mobile device or GPS to navigate close to the site. When you are in the right location, the online cache information usually gives hints on where to look. Kids love this bit of the adventure. Fill in the log book and fossick through any items to swap. Then return the cache to the spot you found it. Try not to be seen by “muggles”, or people who don’t geocache.


When heading to an area out of mobile reception, save information on geocaches to search for while off-line.

Sharing hidden gems


If you like, log your find online later, rate it and make comments on it. Comments and ratings from others can help you choose ones that look most enjoyable.


People hide geocaches in interesting places. Locals often use them to lead others to special spots or hidden attractions. You can create geocaches too, but it needs to be in a place that you can easily visit to make sure the cache remains intact and findable.


Geocaching can become addictive as it’s so much fun.

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