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Grey Nomads On A Shoestring


If you’re on a budget, particularly a pension, you may wonder whether the life of a Grey Nomad is an affordable one.

There are definitely steps you can take to reduce costs, and with a practical approach to finances and planning, along with the flexibility to take on roles that will help your money last, these tips can help you decide whether it’s the right approach for you.

Budget, Budget, Budget

This sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but you’d be surprised how travelling can have hidden costs if you’re not used to it. The cost of fuel, unforeseen detours, the cost of food in remote and regional areas, ill health and subsequent changes of plans, can all have an impact, even when you’ve planned for them.

Once you’ve worked out how much you think a trip or a certain period of time on the road will cost you, triple it. Ensure you have a back-up plan if disaster strikes, e.g. if you hit a kangaroo and your vehicle needs repairs.

Plan Your Meals

If you’re travelling on a limited budget, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to eat out that often. Collect catalogues from the supermarkets in larger towns to see what’s on special and plan your meals around that. Purchase food that’s in season to keep the cost down and if you feel like something special, check out specials night at the local pub or club – or have your main meal at lunchtime when many places offer lunch at far cheaper prices.

Be Open To Opportunities

As you travel around, be open to opportunities that may result in short term paid work so that you can plump up your savings. It might be a house-sitting opportunity which means you save on accommodation and utility fees. It could be the opportunity to do some voluntary work with an organization like Blaze-Aid who provide you with a site, hot showers and toilets and food in exchange for time spent helping others.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, if you’re going to travel, you’ll need a good vehicle behind you. Your wheels are the most important investment you can make when on the road so it pays to buy the very best you can. Contact us at Goldstream RV to discuss the right caravan for you.


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